In the mind of an impact investor


Creating measurable positive change on some of society’s biggest challenges at the same time as generating acceptable risk adjusted financial returns - that is the core of both impact entrepreneurship and impact investing. As the entrepreneurship and investment landscapes increasingly move towards sustainable and impactful business models, we need to understand if this new market is an opportunity fo us.

Join us on October 20th to find out:

  • The difference between responsible, sustainable and impact businesses and investments and why we need them all
  • What the criteria are for impact investing and why this is an opportunity for both investors and entrepreneurs
  • What impact investors look for and what they demand from their investees
  • What an impact due dilligence looks like and how its done
  • What types of capital and investment instruments are available in the impact market

Join if you are an entrepreneur or investor and would like to learn more about how impact and the effects of it can relate to investments! (Duration: 45 min, inkl 10 min Q&A)

Speaker: Jenny Carenco, Founder of Prosper and Secretary General of The Swedish National Advisory Board for Impact Investing.

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