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How to Hack the WHY of a Startup

How To Hack your WHY - A guide to identifying and leveraging purpose


May 23, 2019


Startup Labs, Minc. Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö


3:30 pm

How To Hack your WHY - A guide to identifying and leveraging purpose

As a startup or scaleup your focus is on growth, you go from 1 to 2 to 10, but keeping the growth speed and accelerating can be tough whether it is recruitment, sales or branding.

Join us on the 23'rd for a practical hands-on discussion with the people behind some of the most successful startups in the region and Danske Bank on the importance of a WHY. Looking into how you can leverage purpose adding value to your startup.

We will cover a multitude of perspectives, tools, tips as well as hear the value of purpose for successful entrepreneurs and how they leveraged it themselves. Giving you the insights you need to identify your startups WHY and how you can leverage it to support your growth journey.

This event is part of Skåne Innovation Week in collaboration with MINC and Skåne Startups. Organised by SingularityU Nordic. The discussion will be facilitated by Oscar Collins, founder of Positive Impact.

You should come if:
+ you are a startup/scaleup looking to grow
+ you want to make your company more attractive
+ you want to find out how startups can leverage purpose
+ you are interested in the future of startups

FREE, but registration is required for this event

Organised by SingularityU Nordic

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