How to find Passionate Customer Profiles instead of Ideal Customer Profiles

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Nino Subotic, our esteemed co-lead at Minc Accelerator. With hands-on experience in guiding founders through fundraising and Product-Market Fit journeys, Nino offers more than just theoretical advice - he delivers results.

In this event, Nino will challenge the traditional concepts of personas and Ideal Customer Profiles. Instead, he proposes a focus on 'Passionate Customer Profiles'—the individuals who don’t just buy your product, but become its champions. These are the customers that can truly accelerate your Product-Market Fit.

  • Uncover the difference between PCPs and ICPs
  • Learn the importance of focusing on passionate users in your early stages
  • Get actionable insights to identify and attract these passionate profiles

Free workshop, only 20 seats available.

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