How Do You Imagine What You Don't Know?

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, 211 19, Malmö


Welcome to Minc for this talk:

How do you imagine what you don't know? with Johan Bichel


Johan shares his views of how creative processes in art and design can be improved by technical experiments. How we can gradually imagine and understand new possible realities through seemingly random technical experiments.


Johan is an artist and interaction designer working primarily with software and technology as his tools. He likes to explore culture and aesthetics through technology and enjoys to work on things that are physical and spatial and has a social or cultural impact. He is a part of the art collective and culture house illutron where they build and design interactive installations, and hosts many collaborations between performers, creatives and technically skilled people. He currently works with Recoil Performance Group developing 3D stereographic scenography for a dance performance. Johan also has experience working with entrepreneurs, designers and architects to create working prototypes to be able to try out ideas and iterate quickly. Johan is mostly taught outside of accredited institutions and recently attended The School For Poetic Computation in New York.


This event is a part of Art & Tech Skåne Week 2016, which will also feature a hackathon on May 11-12th at Lunds Konsthall. Organisations behind the whole arrangement are Minc ( Malmö ), The Creative Plot (Lund), Lunds konsthall ( Lund ) and THINK Open Space ( Helsingborg ).  The event is possible because flunding from Framtidens Lund at Lunds kommun.

This edition at Minc is also part of the project Business Incubation 2020 that is partially financed by the EU.

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