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With marketing, there is always so much you are ‘meant to know’, or maybe you assumed a tactic was easy until faced with an analytics dashboard, or terrifying paid-media spend. This is natural, but who do you ask without feeling ‘silly’? Marketing coach Mark Jennings is the man for the job!

Puzzled about Pirate funnel, enraged at email marketing, interested in influencers, bewildered about b2b … Now is the time to ask. Hold nothing back, send your question anonymously below and Mark will take us through examples and tips on the 9th.

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About Mark
Mark Jennings is a marketing and technology specialist with 20+ years experience that launched new revolutionary new products for Twitter, built Glenlivet’s first crowdsourced (and fastest-selling) whiskey and created Shaken, the world's first direct-to-consumer cocktail service. He is also one of the co-founders in TechBikers, which unites tech-startup communities around the world and has gone on to raise over $500k to support literacy and gender equality in the world’s poorest countries.

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