Circular Business Model


Interested in learning more about circularity?

On May 12th, we are hosting a webinar about sustainable economy and circular business models together with Therese Gerdman, Global Marketing and Communication Manager at Ikea!

Who should join: Anyone interested in learning about the basics of circularity and circular business models!

✨ Learn how you and your startup can successfully communicate sustainability
✨ Interact and ask any questions you might have on the subject
✨ Get inspired to work with sustainability as a solution

About Minc and Sustainability

At Minc we are always looking for people who want to create something bigger than themselves. This includes finding people who are on a mission to create value that doesn’t exist today. Sometimes it comes from a business perspective and sometimes it’s because there is a desire to make our society a better place. We at Minc have the ambition to do everything we can to support these ambitions and to make them work together. It is our responsibility to guide and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world. Off course we also need to be sustainable ourselves. We believe in inclusion, equality and enabling diversity and we support and live by a ”give first-attitude”. We are looking forward to sharing this with you.

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