Get to know more about NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Inception Program!

Breakfast Session with NVIDIA Inception


Breakfast session with NVIDIA Inception

On May 25th, you are invited to join a session to talk about NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Inception Program!
Alexander Young, Solution Architect, will firstly give you an overview about NVIDIA, what they do, use cases and stories. Claes Radojewski, Inception Program Manager Nordics & Baltics, will then introduce you to the NVIDIA Inception Program, and the opportunities for companies to get support from it. 

NVIDIA Inception supports and educates developers at every stage of their startup journey. The program accelerates AI startups through unparalleled technical support, ranging from training through NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute, to unlimited access to their developer forums, to preferred pricing on hardware through a network of distributors.

Member startups are also eligible to receive cloud credits through their partners, exclusive networking opportunities, and go-to-market support - and way more...

Breakfast session at Minc

Sign up to get your spot and take the opportunity to listen to Claes Radojewski and Alexander Young and to get a chance to hear about NVIDIA and their Inception Program!


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If you can, join us for breakfast at Minc at 09:00, mingle and be inspired

This is open to all and it’s free of charge.


About Breakfast Sessions:

Breakfast Sessions is an opportunity for you to get inspired by our Mincers.

Check Minc website, Minc Slack and/or the Newsletter to be up-to-date.

You need to book your spot after that it’s  only to drop by at the set time and date and be inspired by the person(s) hosting that specific Breakfast Session and make the most out of your time!

This is open to all and it’s free of charge.

This is an initiative by Minc.

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