Get to know more about Antler, their program and what they offer for the founders in the entrepreneurs community.

Breakfast Session with Antler


Breakfast session with Antler

On May 12th, straight after Minc’s Thursday breakfast, you are invited to join a session to talk with Hedvig Henrekson about Antler, their program and what they offer for the founders in the entrepreneurs community.

Antler is the world’s most active early-stage investor, supporting hundreds of technology startups and thousands of entrepreneurs across six continents or leading entrepreneurial hubs such as New York, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Bangalore, Singapore, Seoul and Sydney. The firm invests in ~1% of more than 50,000 founders annually and invests from pre-seed and up to series C.

Founders can join Antler, with or without ideas, to find the right co-founders and ideas to build, or get support to supercharge the growth of their early-stage startups. Twice a year we invite 40-50 skilled individuals into our program, to solve real-world problems and build impact! The average work experience is 10 years, and we make sure that we have people with the following 3 skill sets represented within each program; business/marketing/sales; domain experts; software development/data science.

During the first 10-11 weeks of the program Antler support entrepreneurs with:

  • Building a strong co-founding team
  • Ideation and deep business model validation
  • Dedicated entrepreneurial and domain coaching from advisors and experts
  • Access to our global network of 600+ advisors
  • Towards the end of the program you pitch to the Antler Investment Committee to potentially receive our pre-seed investment, followed by us introducing you to other leading VCs and angels for additional funding

About the speaker

Hedvig built the marketing function for Antler Denmark from scratch - including events, content, and socials. She has just recently moved over to the platform function, leading the program in Copenhagen.

Hedvig Henrekson, Associate at Antler

Breakfast session at Minc

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This is open to all and it’s free of charge.


About Breakfast Sessions:

Breakfast Sessions is an opportunity for you to get inspired by our Mincers. 

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This is open to all and it’s free of charge.

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