Introducing quality into new organizations, and how to avoid becoming a premature dinosaur

Avoid becoming a dinosaur company

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We all know them. Dinosaur companies that simply can’t understand why quality is necessary and even less why they should pay for it. That keep adding more and more weight to their backpack until they get stuck and are outrun by the ever-present gazelle-agile competition. That constantly run in the same old tracks and can’t seem to get even the simplest things right.

And we’ve met the behemoth co-workers that are so stressed out that they can’t see the real goal for all the deadlines, reports, KPI’s and budget alignments. We’re only human and tend to get lost if there are too many distractions. And ironically, most obstacles encountered are created from good intentions.

So why should you care about this? You’re a start-up, not a behemoth company.

Probably because your ambition is to someday grow your business. And now is the time to start thinking about your quality strategy, maybe even take action, in order to keep the backpack as light as possible. At least your investors are going to be very interested in this, so better have the pants on than be caught with them down.

Get a checklist of where to start and insights on how to avoid common quality traps that might turn you into an extinct dinosaur.

About a speaker

Karolina Mileros has been working with quality improvements in many different forms for the past 12 years as a consultant: in roles such as test strategy, requirements analysis and project management, from small to large companies and projects, in fields like avionics, finance, telecom and manufacturing industry, with governments and her favorite - as a teacher and speaker for crowds interested in how to up their quality game

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