Welcome to join our Alumni talk with Påhoj

Alumni Talk - Påhoj & Almi

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö
On this talk, Minc is hosting Sara Sterner, CEO at Påhoj and Eva Johnson from Almi. Join us to get inspired by their collaboration in the startup world.
Are you in need of capital but want to avoid giving away all your shares?

There are different paths to take. Welcome to listen to Sara Sterner from Påhoj, she will share her thoughts and advice together with Eva Johnson from Almi. Sara will tell us about their collaboration with Almi and what kind of services they used, all from loans, sustainability and network and Eva will be available to answer all your questions on ways to fund your business idea.

If you're building your startup and are in need for help, this is the talk to join!
Welcome to a morning where we can hopefully spread some Christmas sparkle over the capital situation!

Sara Sternes' bio:

Sara has been in the Managing teams of two former Minc-startups, Orbital Systems, and for the last 2 years been the CEO of Påhoj. She also coached several startups in Sthlm, Malmö, Lund, and is a board member of StoryTourist and MySocial. Make sure to connect with her here.

About Almi:

Almi welcomes all companies and business concepts that have growth potential. The greater the potential for growth, the greater the commitment from Almi. They offer loans to companies with growth potential and assists in their business development. This applies to businesses in the start-up phase as well as established companies. Almi Invest provides venture capital for early-stage, emerging companies with high growth potential and a scalable business concept

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