Twenty years of loving startups – celebrate Minc’s birthday!

20 years of Minc

Minc, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö

Thousands of ideas, hundreds of companies, and countless entrepreneurs in twenty years of Minc!

Thousands of ideas, companies, and countless entrepreneurs have found support - advice, customers, investments, and pep talks - in our community since Minc was founded exactly 20 years ago. Now it's time to reflect on those years and celebrate in style! Join us for a full day of activities

We will dedicate the 13th of April to remembering our past, presenting our present and envisioning the future, and celebrating each other. The whole house will be open so use this opportunity to have a tour around the house, meet all our companies, and enter the quiz with chances to win grand prizes!

The day is planned in different separate sessions and even though we love people, there is a limit to how many we can welcome on this day, so please register for the session you wish to attend - first come first served!


🥐 The Breakfast - The Past of Minc

Why did Minc start to begin with? Did it turn out the way you planned? Back in 2003 the foundation to build your startup was quite different from the ecosystem that Malmö has today. 👉 If you like history, this is a breakfast you cannot miss! We promise you key people that were crucial to creating our history and an even more generous Minc breakfast than usual will be served.

🔮 The Afternoon - The Present and Future of Minc

Right here, right now, and what’s next: A pandemic, a war, sky-high inflation … but also 200 companies in the making, in a world that is more innovative than ever and in a time where technology already does more than we can imagine.

Most challenges are global, and so must the collaboration be to develop and scale new solutions.

👉 So what’s next - what’s waiting around the corner? Meet with stakeholders in the startup ecosystem, and join our less formal activities this afternoon: Speed coaching for innovators and entrepreneurs • Games • Partners • a Quiz to test your startup mindset, and much more! You will be in good hands! Just make sure to sign up!

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