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An old town with
a bold plan...

Minc was set up by the City of Malmö in 2002 to fuel innovation. The city was still getting back on its feet after the 1970s shipyard crisis that wiped out tens of thousands of Malmö jobs.

To help spearhead the recovery, Minc was established as one of Scandinavia’s first startup incubator programs - just after the dot com-bubble burst, but well ahead of the rise of the new internet giants.

More than 15 years later, here we are

Since then, southern Sweden has been turned into a firmly established hotbed for innovation. Minc does not just host an incubator anymore, but also the award winning accelerator Fast Track Malmö, and Startup Labs, making it a startup house worthy the name.

Hundreds of startups have gone through the Minc incubator program and the startups that have set out in the Minc house have done everything from developing facial recognition technology for Apple to using their technology to uncover the Panama Papers. The Malmö region is now one of the most innovative regions in the world, and it has surpassed both Oslo and Helsinki in rounds of raised venture capital.

Why Malmö?

  • A city of only 350 000 people, everything in Malmö is accessible by bike - world class investors and mentors included
  • Malmö is located in a region with more universities than any other place in Europe, making talent easily accessible
  • With more than 190 nationalities, Malmö is the fourth most international city in the world (after London, NYC and Washington DC) - making it an excellent testbed for new, innovative products and services
  • Startups in the Malmö region has raised third most venture capital in all of the Nordics, only behind the tech giants of Stockholm and Copenhagen - the latter of which is 20 minutes away by train
  • And to top it all off, Malmö is exceptionally cheap - it’s 19% cheaper to run a business in Malmö than it is in Berlin

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