Join us for a talk together with female Angel Investors, on the 8th of March - International Women’s day

Angel Investing - How to take the first step?


Let’s have a talk about Angel Investments.

In connection with International Women’s day, we invited women from the Malmö Angel Investor network, to talk about how they started investing.
Prepare your questions - We’ll open up for the audience to ask all the questions and talk about uncertainties, in order to support more women in choosing the investor path.

As we’re aware, the situation is still very unequal in the investment world; recent research Women invest less than men. This is not an opinion, it is a fact. According to data from the Angel Capital Association (ACA), just 22% of angel investors in the U.S. are women. In Europe, the situation is even more dire, with women amounting to just 14% of angel investors in the U.K. and 5% in France, the data shows.


Nicolina Fransson, founder and CEO at OmMej. Former Research and Developmental strategist at regional and national level for Clinical Knowledge management. Therapist, mum and an entrepreneur with a pathological drive for societal improvements.

Magdalena Gräff, angel investor & entrepreneur, that focuses on diversity and impact investing. Angel investor in 14+ companies, both direct and in funds, and has recently invested in OmMej. Magdalena has co-founded four companies in tech and investing.

Cecilia Hedenborn, long experience in the financial sector, primarily working with financing, liquidity, and risk management. For the past 2 years involved in the family business with a focus on asset management and direct investments in start-ups and unlisted companies. Invested in 12+ companies with a main focus on impact investments.

Ida Herbertsson, Portfolio Manager of Fast Track Capital, the co-investment company managed by Minc. Outside her job at Minc she works with a few other projects and is also an ambassador for the female network Feminvest working to encourage and educate female investors and entrepreneurs.

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