Nordic Female Investor Meetup 2021

Getting more women into investing and entrepreneurship


Diverse teams create more value.

It is 2021, and female founded & co-founded companies still get less than 11% of the total investments worldwide. We need more female investors, and we need more women to realize that they have the power to become investors and entrepreneurs themselves. That’s why we are bringing some of the most prominent voices together on Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM2021), in October. We believe that together, we can help female founded and co-founded companies to receive more. Nordic Female Investor Meetup (NFIM) is held for the fifth time to set focus on the challenges and opportunities still lying ahead, and to encourage and inspire more women into the startup world.





Pinc Capital

Are you a female founder or co-founder running a high-potential startup? Then take the opportunity to pitch at Pinc Capital and win 100.000 SEK in October 2021. Pinc Capital is a pitching event held by Minc in conjunction with the highly appreciated conference Nordic Female Investor Meetup – NFIM21. NFIM aims to inspire more women to go into entrepreneurship and investing.

Pinc Capital is open for Nordic startups with at least one female founder. Applying companies should be innovative startups with high ambitions and growth-potential. Applicants must be established businesses and should preferably have raised some investments before the pitch.

Would you like to pitch? Apply before the 10th of September by clicking the button below! The selection process starts at the beginning of September and, if selected, you will be contacted for an interview before September 20th.


How to invest

Wan’t to start investing but not sure how? Listen to these conversations between Jeanette Andersson - CEO at Minc and Ann-Sofie Hörlin - Almi Invest, when they explain the basics in how to start invest.

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