Vi hjälper bolag inom besöksnäringen i Malmö att accelerera sin digitala transformation

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1. Två månaders program
2.Hands on hjälp med experter inom tech, growth och marketing
3. Affärsutvecklare 1 timme i veckan
4. Gratis plats på MINC Start up labs(vid behov)
5. Möjligheter till Innovationsstöd vid produktutveckling

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För bolag som har behov att lösa ett problem inom digitalisering eller effektivisering av verksamheten i Covid-19 bakvatten

Mentorer och rådgivare

Head of Accelerator

Co-founder Toughest,

head of Fast track malmö


Chief Tech Officer

DDB, Redmind

Detta är för bolag som:

Behov - Bolaget har behov att lösa ett problem inom digitalisering eller effektivisering av verksamheten i Covid-19 bakvatten
Problemet - Verksamhetens problem indikeras med hjälpa av en screening av verksamhetens kunddata och behovsanalys av teamet på MINC
Lösning - MINC team kommer gå in problemställningarna enligt lean startup metoden bygg, mät, lära och förbättra

Minc Tourism Accelerator

Let's go through each of the items

  • The defined offering needs to be short, simple and capable of being understood by everyone, like "a website", "a mobile application", "hardware" or "desktop software."
  • The defined audience is the initial group of people that you will market your offering to. In the case of consumer applications, it is usually a demographic, such as "women age 25 to 35 years old." In the case of business applications, it is usually a job function at a type of corporation, such as "system administrators at medium sized technology businesses."
  • Now that you have an offering helping an audience, you need to solve a problem. The problem needs to be something that everyone understands, such as "reduce the time collecting bill payments" or "engage in an immersive entertainment experience."
  • The final component, the secret sauce, adds your unique approach to solving the problem and demonstrates a mastery of the market. Some examples are "by sending automated email alerts based on analysis of highest response times" or "with virtual worlds constructed in reaction to the movements of the players."

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