We are looking for the next disruptive startup in Europe in the tourism and hospitality industry

What you'll get

1. Three month program with 5 startups from the EU - The fun starts the 15th of March and all the way to June 17th. Startups from all over EU are welcome to apply, and the applications close 10th of March.

2. Cooperation and partnerships -
Get support from our world class coaches, mentors and experts to help find product market fit for your startup. The program also includes perks with a value worth over €200,000 in services and credits from companies such as AWS, Miro, Notion, Pitch, and Stripe.

3. Funding and network -
Our network of investors and companies in the tourism and hospitality industry will help you get funding and find partners to fit your needs. You will get a unique chance to to
pitch for VC, angels and our Fast track capital, investing up to 500 000 SEK per startup company.



Per Ögren

Head of accelerator

Co-founder Toughest, former CMO Gezt.io

Mark Jennings

Head Coach

Founder A/O, ex CEO Shaken Cocktails, co-founder Techbikers and Mentor at Techstars

Expert coaches

Melinda Elmborg

funding & metrics

Startup coach and fundraising expert who worked as investor for the French VC-firm Daphni

Nino Subotic

User acquisition & GRowth

Vanja Tufvesson

Chief Tech Officer

CTO at Tengai, co-founder of Pink Programming


Jaiver Halevi

Startup program manager at Miro, Partnership manager at Airbnb, CTO Office of Amsterdam, Project lead at Startup at Residence Amsterdam

Erik Tengen

Co-founder of Oaky

The batch


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Minc tourism accelerator? When the Corona pandemic hit, the tourism and hospitality industry got struck hard. That's why the city of Malmö commissioned Minc, the startup house of Malmö, to help find a solution to some of their problems. Here startups will have great opportunities to grow, try things out and even meet investors. At the same time they're helping out business who's livelihood depends on physical visitors, in a time of social distancing.
  • How much would it cost to participate in the program? There are no fees, and we do not take any equities. You will however have the chance to pitch for Fast track capital, who's investing up to 500,000 SEK per startup company.
  • Who can apply for the MTA (Malmö Tourism Accelerator)? Startups need to be based anywhere in the EU. MTA search for in the tech companies in tourism, smarter cities, sports and hospitality. The company is in between the MVP (most valued product) phase, and growth phase. It has been active for less than three years and less than five million in yearly revenue. The companies will be assessed according to the criteria: innovation height, scalability, sustainability, impact of digital transformation in the travel-tech sector and skills and experience in the team.
  • How often do we need to show up at Minc? The accelerator is a digital program. The workshops and coaching part of the program is planned individually per team and it would take around 2-3 hours per week. Digitally we use management tools like Notion, Miro, Pitch, Slack and video calls via Zoom. MTA will follow the public health authority's restrictions and recommendations for physical meetings.
  • Is it alright if only one person from our team joins the program? Yes, but you can only be max two persons per team joining. We prefer to see positions like CEO, CTO, head of innovation or head of marketing joining for our program.


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