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Minc+ is an entrepreneur first network that works with startups in growth phase from Malmö that have global ambitions. We offer mentorship, coaching, partnership and fundraising.

Apply as a Mentor

Minc+ Mentorship Program

Who are we looking for?
30 mentors in the Öresund region with a big heart for Malmö and want to give back to the start up community

What kind of experience?
Holding or hold CEO/COO/CMO/CTO/CFO or other key positions in a Scale up
- Holding a board of directors or advisory board seats

Apply as a Mentor

      Here's what you'll get:

  • Expand your network and take part of in a scaling journey of the best start ups i the region
  • Part of MINC+ digital community with high quality insights
  • Upskill and reskill workshops(and some AWs)
  • Last but not least a network with friends for a life time!

How does it works?

As a mentor, you are committed to take part in the MINC+ community and teach your expert knowledge to start ups. If they have a question in your field please share your view and help out.

We believe in that relationship grow in a more free environment and thats why we not matches 1-1 start ups founder and mentors instead we "let it happens". The network is running yearly basis but we see this more long term commitment to give back to the start up community.

The Community opened up the 1st of October with an AW at MINC.

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