PR & Communications Manager

PR & Communications Manager

At Minc, we get to be amazed every day. We get to meet the ideas that question the established truths, solve global challenges, or, even better, worldwide everyday issues, to find their life form as successful startups.

Minc accompanies founders from ”what if” to the first written business plan, business angels, customers, employees, and - if you want - your exit. With us, innovators and entrepreneurs receive the specific help and contacts they need in their universe, and we are at least as passionate about your idea as you are.

We offer business development, a co-working space in a creative and network based environment, and a worldwide network of contacts, including business angels and investors.

To reach out with our offer, welcome more entrepreneurs, and broaden our demographic, we hope to find new team members for the Minc communications team: a Communications Manager and a Brand/Content Specialist. Both roles are full-time positions at the Minc office in Malmö. This ad focuses on the PR & Communications Manager role.

So, what’s the PR & Communications Manager role at Minc about?

Planning, leading, and coordinating the team's work is a minor part of the job, which leaves more time for hands-on operative production—finding the story, message, and channel, writing and publishing the text, doing the Guerrilla PR, or making the event happen.

Your department is responsible for the Minc brand and its sub-brands. You draft the policies, strategies, and activity plans to support the business goals. You ensure that the marcom team's work is data-driven, and you measure, follow up, and evaluate the activities to the targets set with the CEO.

Minc’s targets in the near future are to broaden our audience, push issues close to our hearts - such as diversity and an increased number of female founders, entrepreneurs, and investors - and strengthen the ecosystem for startups in Malmö.

The Communications Manager sees that all communication for Minc and its projects and subsidiaries focus on the target of strengthening Minc and Malmö as brands, attracting entrepreneurs, partners, and investors, and, not the least, spotlighting our startups. We live in a world where timing and relevance in news distribution are necessary.

The team will consist of three people working with brands, PR, internal communications, digital marketing (including graphics design), and event. You are responsible for the team delivery and report directly to the CEO. The office in the Minc house is a creative and friendly startup environment close to Malmö central station. Some traveling within Sweden may occur, and we hope you want to participate in our open breakfasts and event.

Who’s the right person for this role?

You are confident in your profession, analytic, resourceful, and as comfortable working independently as interdependently. You are curious and must love to interact with other people, our coaches, entrepreneurs, and the community, as networking is crucial for identifying news stories, understanding the audience and stakeholders. You are strategic and work fast, getting things done without delay. This is probably not your first job as a manager or leader, and you understand that integrity is of the essence for a good work environment.


  • You have some education in journalism or strategic communications
  • Fluent spoken and written English and Swedish are required
  • Experience from publicly, EU, or Vinnova-funded organizations or projects is a plus
  • Understanding the startup community or hardship is a significant advantage

The main responsibilities

  • Production and implementation of communication strategy and processes for both external and internal communications
  • Brand book, channel strategy, and other governance documents
  • Team delivery and development
  • Adviser to Minc spokespersons
  • Budget; resource allocation and procurement of external services
  • Media and trend monitoring
  • Press contacts
  • Minc’s digital presence, with a clear call to action  
  • Show off our startups to potential investors, partners, and customers
  • Measure, analyze, and report the results of communication activities
  • Websites, both content and web directive

You also help out with

  • Texts for procurements, offers, project applications, and reports
  • Minc’s events, an important part of how we work

The position is currently vacant.

Please send your CV and cover letter to or apply here before April 20; we will continuously evaluate applications and interviews.

If you have questions regarding the position of Communications Manager at Minc in Malmö, feel free to contact us:
Communications consultant Petronella Warg, or
CEO Daniel Persson,

About Minc

Minc is a company owned by Malmö Stad with the mission to contribute to the city’s growth and development by supporting innovative startups in specific and promoting entrepreneurship in general. Minc offers quality business coaching, networking, and physical and digital environments to entrepreneurs and innovative companies that have the potential to scale and become internationally successful. As a result, hundreds of startups have participated in Minc's various programs and offers - some are today making a difference to hundreds of millions of people and confirming Malmö as one of the most innovative regions in the world.

Do you want to know more about Minc, our startups, and our future, please check out or come for a visit!

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