Pixelink Camera Driver Developer


Mojo is med-tech company based in France, with an office in Malmö (Sweden), developing a computer vision and robotics platform for analyzing living biological cells in pathology lab settings. The platform eliminates the need for human interaction. The computer vision platform is completely built in-house and runs on a high-speed camera for object capture, a Teensy processor, and a sample stage with nano-meter movement tolerance. Our deep learning algorithms are designed to count, recognize, and classify the movements and shape of any given cell sample while providing treatment insights. The results are stored in our system with the possibility to be transferred to the lab’s database for clinical intelligence purposes. In addition, the platform enables labs to apply data science and provide trends per patient profile and overall clinic performance.

Problem statement

We are currently using a pixelink camera to take microscope images for AI. We need to control the camera settings to capture high speed HD images and videos without losing i


  • Experience with cameras:
  1. Shutter speed vs. frame rate
  2. Resolution vs. data transfer rates
  3. Pixel addressing
  • Experience with Windows drivers
  • Experience with USB 3.0 data and power delivery
  • Experience with Python C extensions
  • Git processes:
  1. Rebase and merge
  • Use of :
  1. Python 3.7
  2. OpenCV
  3. PIL
  4. Poetry


Please email daniel@mojofertility.co and cc mohamed@mojofertility.co.

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