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Handiscover is an early stage startup backed by some of Europe's leading investors in travel tech and other areas (early investors in Momondo, NeoTechnology, Tobii).

We are the first community based holiday accommodation-booking website, dedicated to people with special needs and disabilities. We build and consolidate accessible services for disabled people and enable them to discover the world.
But that is just the start...

🤩  We want you!

We're looking for a super ambitious front-end developer to join our rapidly growing tech team, full time and based in Malmö. The senior role will be multi-skilled and expected to execute quickly, while also providing input to higher level tasks. This is a fully hands-on position and will cover all aspects of front-end related development and bring value on technical product roadmap level. We are looking for a candidate that must have at least 5 years of experience and understand the dynamics of a start-up in a fast growth trajectory.

🤖 Our tech + how we work

  • Our front-end and dashboard are built with React, communicating with our backend via RESTful API.
  • Extensive front-end development experience in writing React.js, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Well familiarized with AWS structure and environment
  • We believe in using the best tools for the job, and value engineering expertise over language prowess.
  • We value: documentation, test coverage, code review, CI/CD and great team spirit.
  • We predominantly communicate over Slack, making little use of email internally. We do daily standups each morning via Google Hangouts. BitBucket is our repo of choice and we track progress via sprints in Jira project boards
  • We encourage discussion and debate, but place tremendous value on pragmatism and optimising for output. We're solving new categories of problems, and understanding our very best functionality will come about as a result of deep technical insights driven by engineering and design processes.

📝 You should apply if…

  • You're passionate about crafting beautiful, pixel-perfect interfaces along awesome user experiences.. We believe that great design says a lot about ones approach across all of product design + engineering. Handiscover is geared towards users, communities and partners around the globe. Build a product you would use yourself, and bring your unique insight and perspective to the table as a developer in shaping our overarching product offering.
  • You like solving big problems. Our greatest challenges are yet on the horizon, and we'll need super hard working and creative minds to solve foundational infrastructure challenges for the world's largest travel community for people with special needs.
  • You value autonomy, moving fast and getting lots done. We have no time or interest for bureaucracy and micromanagement - we're moving super fast and you'll be required to take responsibility for delivering end to end working stable products.
  • You have the excellent communication touch, verbal and written english skills
  • You love data visualisation, and presenting nuanced insights in a compelling way. Our customers will rely on our data to make critical decisions, and this data has typically not been digestible. Help us to change that.
  • You want to make a huge impact, and share in the success of a company you've helped build. Our tech team is 5 strong today, but we are just getting started.

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