About VoiceDiagnostic

Did you know roughly 1.7 million Swedes suffer from voice problems? Neither did we a few years ago. VoiceDiagnostic is a health tech startup that wants to create a more personalized and effective speech therapy for the many people who are affected by voice problems in their everyday life. We are developing a platform through which speech therapists can create, adapt, and asses treatments while patients get support in carrying out their treatments from home. Our team stems from cross-sectional research in medicine, speech language pathology, and mathematical statistics. We are now looking for a person to join us as co-founder and CTO, to work side by side with our CEO Louise Wrange in bringing the product to the market. Join us and revolutionize speech therapy.

What are we looking for?

A person interested in joining and growing with an early-stage health tech startup. You will work closely with our CEO to transform user and customer needs and requirements to technical roadmaps. For dialogues to run smoothly with our users and customers, you have to be fluent in English and Swedish. As CTO, you will manage the implementation and operation of the overall architecture of our product. We see that you have a user-centered approach to product development and have experience from full-stack development. Getting the user experience right will be a key to our product, and it’s therefore a plus if you also have an interest in UX design. If your experience in software development comes from current or previous work positions, or from side-projects on your spare time, does not matter to us. Together we will solve problems, share our knowledge and experiences, and grow individually, and as a team.

Our tech stack

Today, our prototypes are made through Expo with native apps for Android, iOS, and web with JavaScript and React. Our API is in Node.js using Express.js, backed by MongoDB. As CTO you will have direct impact on the future development of our product and on its architecture.

Interested? … but haven’t held the CTO title before? Or don’t think you have the right experience? As long as you share our passion for revolutionizing healthcare, and have the drive and curiosity to learn as we grow, then you could be the perfect fit for us. Curious to know if we are the perfect fit for you? Reach out and apply.

For more information or questions please contact us at louise@voicediagnostic.com or phone number +46 76 212 42 59

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