Aktarr is looking for a hands-on CTO ( or a Senior engineer who's looking for the next challenge ) to help their company transition from its current content solution to a modern, scalable and flexible media platform.

They are one of Sweden's largest media platforms that you never heard about. We have more than 300.000 monthly active readers and 5.2 Million engagement on Facebook. We aim to change the way of communication in Sweden and soon the rest of Europe.

We believe that communication is a great tool to improve people's lives. Our goal is to make it easier for people to get the right information that will lead them to make the best choice.

The Arabic community in Sweden has a lot of hardships and challenges navigating the Swedish society.

From seeking health advice online, finding jobs to registering our kids at school. We want to change. During the past 4 years we learned a lot.

Sweden takes great pride in understanding how to communicate with their different ethnicities. We at Aktarr want to take this to the next level. We are on the road of becoming the biggest, and most trusted platform in Europe.

Our vision is to create the most attractive media platform in the world! Aktarr will not function only as a source of information. It will become a platform where people will interact and get support in their daily life. As if they have a personal assistant in their pocket. A solid vision and plan is set to achieve our aim. If you think you are the right person, let’s have a meeting and discuss it.

What we offer: It will be based on who you are and what your vision is! We are looking for a long term visionary human to make this journey together with us.


Assignment description.

We're looking for a hands-on CTO ( or a Senior engineer who's looking for the next challenge ) to help our company transition from its current content solution to a modern, scalable and flexible media platform.

You're a strong strategic and visionary thinker with excellent communication skills. The technology vision you're responsible for developing must be easily understood, have clear benefits for the engineering team (who will implement it) and support the company business model and vision.

Alongside being well-versed in modern technology stacks and architectural concepts, your responsibilities will be to work closely with company stakeholders to translate business goals into technology deliverables to support continuous growth of the platform and the company.


Create and lead the technology strategy for the platform, technical partners and external relationships.

Communicate the technology strategy to partners, investors and company stakeholders. Why and the beneficial impact of the strategy and decisions.

Break down the technology vision into tangible milestones and deliverables.

Excellent communications skills and able to "simplify" technical terms when needed.

Create an overall structure for technology standards and best practices the team to follow.

Vet or co-vet new team members to the tech team.

Vet technology platforms from both a technical and business perspective.

Migrate current solution into a more scalable platform of your choosing. Technical prerequisites are discussed in the interview.

Take on a more overseeing role once the technology team scales.


Good, healthy and friendly management structure.

Have worked as Senior Engineer or Tech Lead with a team of at least 7 persons.

Know SCRUM or Agile methodology like the back of your hand.

Understand or willing to understand budgets and business planning.

Hands-on experience with implementing different payment provider solutions on platforms.

Worked with headless content platforms.

Google Analytics or equivalent tracking for better understanding user patterns and drop-offs.

Excellent understanding in modern technology stacks and architectural concepts.

Good understanding design systems. Both technical and design (UI).

Proactive problem solver.

Working experience with localized content in multiple languages

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