Wellbeing Revolution in your Business

Minc Stage, Anckargripsgatan 3, Malmö

Disrupt Hustle Culture and Build a Business That Supports Your Wellbeing

"Wellbeing Revolution in your Business" is an innovative workshop designed to transform the traditional business hustle culture into a more sustainable, wellbeing-centered approach.

Barbora Jedlovská is dedicated to guiding values-driven leaders and entrepreneurs who aspire to lead balanced, fulfilling lives without letting business consume their entire world.

You will learn actionable strategies to prioritize mental health and overall wellness without sacrificing productivity or success. The workshop offers insights into creating a business environment that values balance, supports employee wellbeing, and fosters long-term growth. Barbora will share her experiences and provide practical tools for integrating wellbeing into daily operations.

Join us to revolutionize your business and build a thriving, healthy work culture.

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