Minc, the Startup house of Malmö, invites you to a hackathon completely focused on utilizing AI. Yes, ChatGPT can do way more than plagiarize homework … let us show you what you can do on the 3 - 4th of June!

Hack AI before AI hacks you

Onsite at Minc, Malmö

Calling all internet savvy people, business grads, design folks, people who google their way through life and learn stuff via TikTok  Well, essentially anyone with a remote interest in tech or the web. Especially the crazy ones, the round pegs in the square holes, the rebels and the troublemakers.
Minc, the Startup house of Malmö, invites you to a hackathon completely focused on utilizing  AI
. Yes, ChatGPT can do way more than plagiarize homework … let us show you what you can do on the 3 - 4th of June. Sign up now!

On the first weekend in June, between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon, we mix those from a wide range of backgrounds with AI experts and together leverage AI to make ideas come to life and build things that have never been built before - during this two day hackathon. The days will be full of intensive, open-minded creative sessions culminating with the opportunity for you to pitch your ideas to a panel of expert judges and win prizes. 

Besides a crazy experienced judging panel we will also provide you with mentors to help guide your ideas. Come as you are, we’ll match you up with a team. Or sign up with your friends - it’s totally up to you. We’ll provide the rest - the introduction to AI, the pizza, the beers, the high-speed internet, the learning sessions, the mentorship and feedback on your idea. No prior knowledge required - just a laptop and an open mind. 

The winning team receives an invite to pitch for a 300 000 SEK investment, an office space at MINC, 6 months mentorship and introductions to the investor and entrepreneur network* 

“Are you an expert in your field, or have you ever stared at something and thought... I could do better? Are you the type of person who has solved a problem before others notice it's a problem? Do you enjoy smashing ideas around with like minded and challenging people, or are you the kind to quietly mull over a problem?”
- Dennis Åström, Minc   

The preliminary agenda 


10.00 - Start + practical info + meet your team (or start working if you sign up as a team

11.30 - Ideation workshop

12.00 - Nice lunch provided by us

13.00 - Mentoring session

14.30 - Keynote - best uses of AI by non-tech people 

16.00 - Mentoring session

18.00 - Pizza + beers

19.00 - Mentoring session

22.00 - Fun but stupid quiz with a prize 


10.00 - Start

11.00 - Pitch workshop

12.00 - Lunch and drinks

13.00 - Last mentoring session, focus on presentations 

14.30 - Final pitches

16.00 - Winners announced + prize ceremony

Speakers and mentors - more to be announced:

- Jean-Luc Momprivé - Chief Innovation Officer, Intel

- Paolo Nardi (mentor and keynote speaker) - Digital ethicist at IKEA, is a Sustainability Innovation Fusionist, Digital Ethicist and AI change agent with a background in - Computer Science & Engineering, Artificial intelligence, Leadership for Sustainability, Podcasting, Business Development and Systems Thinking. He currently works as a digital ethicist at IKEA and is the Co-founder and Sustainability Innovation Fusionist at Futurely AB.

- Henrik Johansson - is a curious and experienced CTO with 15+ years of expertise in marketing, product development and technology. As a co-founder of the boutique tactical insight agency Stratazon AB, he leads tech sprints and workshops and formulates innovative approaches to leverage graph database- and graph data science technology in new ways.

- Konstantin Aistre - Software Developer, Noodl

- Rickard Hansson - Technology Advisor, Minc - A serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building successful companies like lemoon®, Way2IT, damoon®, Incentive, Dynamics Connect™, Spectrum and more.

- Kajsa Norin - Experienced data scientist with NLP focusCo-founded Stockholm AI, the biggest data science network in the Nordics. Popular speaker and moderator, advisor in machine learning.



Noodl empowers non-coders, domain experts, and experienced developers to deliver solutions with unprecedented speed.

Any questions? 

Speak to Mark at Minc mark@minc.se 

*Terms and conditions apply 

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