Nordic female investor meeting

Join in for the first ever Nordic meeting with female investors and entrepreneurs to get inspired, enlightened and become a part of the movement!

More diverse teams create more value. It is as simple as that.More female investors encourage more female entrepreneurs and prove to other potential female investors that they belong. 

We hope that the meeting attracts active and potential investors, both male and female, as well as entrepreneurs that would like to change the world.

Welcome to Malmö the 29th of August to meet successful female entrepreneurs and investors like Candace Johnson, president of EBAN and successful entrepreneur in the space industry, and Brigitte Baumann head of Rising Tide program for Europe and founder of Go Beyond. Learn how Impact Investment can change the world from Hedda Påhlson-Möller, one of the more influential impact investment investors in Europe. Share the Nordic experience and meet some of the successful Nordic female entrepreneurs and business angels.

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Jeanette Andersson Business Developer Minc

Jeanette Andersson is one of the organizers from Rising Tide Europe

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